Our Team

Our coaches have combined experience and knowledge to keep you motivated and always moving. Check them out below !


Meet Jose 

Jose Carreto, Co-Owner, Head coach

With a love and passion for high intensity training, Jose has been in the competitive universe for over 6 years gaining notice by his peers for being swift while remaining "Swole-Zay" strong. Jose studied exercise science and physiology at Florida Atlantic University as well as worked with many specialists over the years to obtain knowledge in nutrition and athletic training.

Jose's Highlight Reel:

- Selected as a strength development subject for FAU graduate studies thesis

- Multiple 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place podium wins in fitness competitions

- Swimming background from prior swim team and lifeguarding

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Meet Ezra

Ezra Diaz, Co-Owner, Head coach

Look up competitive edge and you will find Ezra Diaz's name right next to it. Always striving to be better each day, he comes with a background of training and performing in competitive basketball. He decided to get into high performance training 6 years ago and he has gained much recognition for his athletic accomplishments. Ezra has held podium in over 12 competitions and counting. He always believes in pushing each individual to their maximum athletic level.

Ezra's Highlight Wheel:

- Multiple 1st place podium wins in multiple fitness competitions 

- Over 11+ years of performing in basketball training including collegiate basketball


Meet Courtney

Courtney Marx, Coach

Courtney might be the only female coach but don't under estimate her - she can hang with the boys. Her athletic career began at the age of 9 in swimming which eventually led to a swimming scholarship at Western Kentucky University. Attending national conference and travel teams to compete. While on off-season, Courtney found herself occupied with high-intensity training and loving the sport. When she wrapped up her swimming career, she decided to take on HIIT and found a true love in the training. 

Courtney's Highlight Reel:

- Over 17+ Years of performing and competing in national and team swimming

- C-USA Conference Meet 7th place holder, 200 butterfly relay

- Multiple 2nd and 3rd place team podium wins in multiple fitness competitions


CrossFit L1 Certified, CrossFit Gymnastics

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Meet Stephen

Stephen "Steve-O" Bromfield, Coach

As Steve-O likes to explain it, "he's been around for a long time". A friend once invited Stephen to a HIIT training class and he was hooked ever since. Turning his excitement into a love for the sport, he decided to take up coaching in his spare time. Steve-O always brings energy to his classes with his best Sound Cloud mixes and playful attitude. 

Steve-O's Highlight Reel:

- Best DJ in the HIIIT community

- Over 6+ years of HIIT Coaching

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Meet Ami

Ami Diaz, Personal Trainer

We will unveil Ami's awesome-ness soon !


"Teaching is not about information. It's about having an honest intelectual relationship with your students."

- Paul Lockhart

Our Specialists

Meet the team of specialists who have uniquely inspire each of our coaches through the years. This team of individuals have been providing support, guidance and constant education to our coaches and gym members. We firmly believe the reason our gym carries an edge over other facilities is because of the connections we have made with the fitness professionals you see below. We don't only want you to get in and get a work-out, we want you to learn how to take care of your mind and body from nutrition to mobilization, to proper form and technique. Learn how our specialists can become your specialists when joining Grounds Fitness.


Reiny Parrado


Chris Kidawski


Rob Silver


Jesus Henares